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Oct 17 , 2018

Pingüinos will have a DGT tent that will carry out controls "prior" to driving


Meeting held by the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones, and those responsible for the Turismoto motoclub, organizer of the concentration, which will take place under the slogan 'Passion for the motorcycle' and which hopes to bring together 30,000 participants.

The president of the organizing club, Emilio Simó, and the spokesman and treasurer, José Manuel Navas, have requested during the meeting the possibility of offering motorists "prior" blood alcohol tests so that they know if they yield results above the maximum levels of alcohol allowed to drive and choose to leave the motorcycle and use public transport, which is reinforced during the concentration. At the request of the delegate, the Valladolid Provincial Traffic Headquarters will offer this possibility with DGT ethylometers and Headquarters personnel supported by the organization's volunteers (which exceeds 120) in the tent that Traffic will install on the grounds of the former military equestrian, where the concentration is held. In this exhibitor, the same one that is installed during the Spanish Motorcycling Grand Prix that takes place in Jerez, in addition to carrying out the aforementioned controls, it will be possible to see or collect various material prepared for the occasion, such as infographics, brochures, training videos on road safety concepts for motorcyclists or awareness messages, among many other things.


In this tent, everyone who wants to can see with simulation glasses how alcohol and drugs affect driving. For this, glasses have been created that simulate different graduations of alcohol and cannabis consumption that will be used in an educational way. You will also be able to see the portable means (light laser cinemometer and drug reader) that the new comprehensive patrols that circulate on the roads have. "VULNERABLE" COLLECTIVE Virginia Barcones has stressed that the Government Delegation and the DGT are concerned that motorists are one of the most vulnerable groups among road users and recalled that of the 98 deaths that have been registered so far on the roads of Castilla y León, 16 were motorists. For this reason, he pointed out, measures are taken to guarantee their safety with awareness-raising initiatives such as that of this exhibitor and the special device that will be launched on the occasion of the motorcycle event, which will be made up of 100 Civil Guard agents (80 from the Traffic Group), which will carry out all kinds of controls (alcohol, drugs, documentation, attention to driving, etc.). In addition, the Pegasus helicopter will be deployed to control how the traffic flows and the information will be reinforced on the illuminated panels for the entrances to the concentration.


Barcones has highlighted the "very important" event that this concentration represents, which has an economic impact of close to four million euros and that "puts Valladolid and Castilla y León on the map, something that he believes will also make many people return. visiting with their families. For his part, José Manuel Navas explained that the motto under which the meeting will take place, 'Passion for the motorcycle', identifies the "spirit" of all those who come and gather at the "heat of the bonfire".

Although he has not detailed news, he has indicated that they will be aimed at the well-being of the motorcyclist and although he has assured that "they border on excellence" there is still "something more to improve", for this they work on safety, in which it is a party, in "have a good time" in an appointment that has recalled that it has the distinction of Festival of Regional Tourist Interest and that it also seeks to be national. In this context, the Turismoto spokesman has pointed out that they represent a motorcyclist group, which is "educated", not like the one that was previously shown in the movies, which encouraged holding rallies, but "ecologist, respectful with the environment and that it complies with the rules. " Navas has affirmed that little by little they will reveal some of the novelties of this edition, for those who already have a "nominee" for the Golden Penguins, but they will announce them later.

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