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Extensive summary of the 37th Edition of PINGÜINOS


The 2020 Penguins Concentration has broken all records. It has become, without any doubt, the benchmark for motorcycle rallies, not only in Spain, but internationally.

34,922 registrations give an idea of ​​what has moved in Valladolid between January 9 and 12. Very difficult to beat. A great concentration.

But what stands out in it is not the number of participants, which of course is of great importance, but the quality of it. There is no doubt that the assistance of so many motorists is a reflection that it is being done well.

Even despite the large number of attendees, Penguins still maintains the essence that characterizes the concentrations of the biker family. What is breathed in it, in addition to the smoke from the bonfires, is camaraderie, respect, solidarity, sharing around those bonfires that unite people from different places, ages, sexes and conditions. All this added to an excellent program that combines emotion, fun, service to the motorcyclist and definitive facilities that are improving edition after edition.


Thursday images

The number of pre-registrations and the influx of penguins on Thursday already pointed to the record. The welcome to all of them with the warm broth and carajillo, as well as the kindness of those who are there to serve them, augured the magnificent concentration that has been.

On Friday, on the excursion to Mojados from a large contingent of motorcyclists, the meats that were kindly served by the residents of the town were enjoyed with the greatest pleasure. The Stunt show then impressed those present; show that would be repeated twice more, during the weekend, in Valladolid, so as not to leave anyone wanting.

And the hottest moment of the day was the farewell to the motorcycle year and the reception of the new one with the 12 pine nuts and the sparkling earth. With a crowded campaign, the party continued, people danced and sang all the songs from “ Los Pichas ”, the local group. And also the shared bonfires reflected the good atmosphere of groups of friends who come together, who receive others whom they see very little and who welcome new ones whom they have never seen before, all united by a philosophy of life, the love of motorcycles.

Friday images

The night was surely long, and despite the intense cold it seems that nobody wanted to miss the traditional and representative parade of flags on Saturday. An incessant evolution of motorcycles that lasted around two hours, received by a public from Valladolid who had taken to the streets to heat the ice cream maker tomorrow.

And without a doubt, the most emotional moment of the concentration was the torchlight parade , a tribute in memory of the comrades who fell on the road during the year, with vindication by the organization demanding from the institutions the contribution of means to alleviate these painful death toll. In an incomparable setting, with the beautiful illuminated city of Valladolid and its Cavalry Academy as the best example. A tribute that continued later in the Penguins field with the burning of the fault, which was preceded by the projection of a video with the images of many of the deceased, generously ceded by the families. The skin bristled and tears welled up from many of those present.

The concerts on Saturday with “Los Toreros Muertos” and “Mägo de Oz” set the bar very high, making all the penguins surrender and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Saturday images

And finally the farewell on Sunday with the delivery of Golden Penguins to the pilot Alex Rins, for his excellent season and to the Mapfre Foundation for his work in the fight to improve road safety. As well as prizes to many penguins in their different categories.

Sad farewell for what the separation means but, undoubtedly, expectant in the reunion in the next 38 edition, for which the majority sighed.

It should be noted that Penguins do not forget the most disadvantaged, the motorcycling collective has once again been characterized by its generosity in contributing its grain of sand to the kilo operation that, traditionally, is always carried out in each edition.

Sunday images

All this leads to the conclusion of this magnificent concentration. Surely there are many things to improve, in this are the veteran members of the organization, but the atmosphere of friendship, camaraderie, fun and joy that floods, along with the smoke of the bonfires to an entire city, means pride and a special emotion of which all its inhabitants participate.

Pride and excitement of an entire city, its people, its institutions with the City Council at its head and all the PENGUINS that make this the best and largest international motorcycling concentration.

" Penguins ... and nothing else " ends, but work is already underway for a new 38th edition that is the same or more memorable.

You can enjoy our "multimedia content" of the Concentration in the Multimedia / Videos section :

- Video of Penguins 2020 (Watch video)

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