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JANUARY 11-14 , 2018

35th international winter motorcycle rally


After the XXXV Edition of the Winter Concentration of Penguins 2018 is over, all that remains is to make a brief summary and balance of what these four days of extremely intense activity have meant in the entire city of Valladolid.
This has been the Edition of consolidation of Penguins in Valladolid after the stoppage suffered. And it has not been able to develop with greater splendor. Not only does the number of people registered show it, 28,141 are loooooong penguins, but the feelings of those who make up this great family. The faces of satisfaction, the complicit gestures, the congratulations to the organization, the absolute lack of notable incidents make us proud.

We started on Thursday with very good expectations, we know that the cold does not intimidate those who come looking for their penguin nest and many have already arrived. But, as always happens, it is Friday the strong day of the reception and the expectations were not only met but were exceeded. After the storm of the previous days, the news in all the media that invited us not to move, the freezing temperatures we have suffered and the forecast of rain for the weekend, our penguins, faithful to their appointment, They answered the call and presented themselves in Valladolid, defying all the difficulties that arose. The celebration of the "Penguin New Year's Eve" brought together thousands of people in the Plaza de Pingüinos, where we ate the pine nuts together and toasted in absolute brotherhood with our sparkling land. Thousands and thousands of friends, many were the first time we met, others knew each other from many more editions, but it turned out to be indifferent since when we met, the important thing was the spirit that beat in the air, the atmosphere that was breathed was unbeatable .

Saturday dawned well, but as the forecasts reported, the rain made an appearance and continued during the parade of flags and the exhibition of stunt. Nor was it the rain that discouraged the Penguins who attended the parade en masse and filled the streets, shops, bars and restaurants of Valladolid during midday. Seeing that display of bravery, the sky closed around 4:00 p.m. and did not appear again. Thus, we come to the most emotional moment of those who live in the concentration: the torchlight parade, with the presence of the family of our beloved and admired Ángel Nieto, to whom, along with the rest of his companions lost this year, we paid tribute special. The people of Valladolid could not fail at a time like this and exactly that was what happened, the response of the city was really impressive, the surrounding streets and the Plaza Mayor were full. The massive influx of people from Valladolid did not detract one iota from the solemnity of the moment, an absolutely respectful silence reigned during the act of tribute that made the skin of those who were present stand on end. Homage that later culminated in the camping area with the burning of the fault, lit by Gelete and Manuel Nieto, son and brother of the Master. And in the field the same respect and emotion among the biker collective that, in many cases, showed itself in tears running across the faces of the strong and hard / tough motards. Then the party lasted in the city and in the countryside for a good part of the night.

To finish the Concentration, on Sunday morning, the Plaza de Pingüinos was once again filled with friends who did not want to miss the delivery of Golden Penguins to the best: the family of Master Ángel Nieto, Joan Mir, Ana Carrasco and the Circuit Ricardo Tormo de Cheste, as well as a video greeting from Enrique Búmbury receiving an honorable mention. And then end with the awards ceremony for different motor clubs and motorcyclists, as well as the raffle for many gifts, including a motorcycle that fell on a friend from Laguna de Duero, very close.

We bid farewell to an edition of Penguins that we will remember for a long time. The organization, the Turismoto Club, could not be happier with the result and again we thank all those who have been part of the great family of the motorcycle during these days: bikers, collaborators, citizens, City Council and all institutions and a long etcetera of people involved.

The essence and the spirit of motorcycling have invaded Valladolid, this is where the true essence of motorcycle rallies is, where true motorcyclists meet and where the values ​​of this motor spirit are concentrated: friendship, camaraderie, solidarity, respect, tolerance .. .

Thank you!!

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