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40 years of Penguins. Making history.

This was going to be a special year. Regardless of what had happened with the pandemic, the fact that 40 years had passed since the 1st edition meant that 2022 had to be a more celebrated, more desired and more significant edition.

Some time ago, when we had already set our sights on the 40th anniversary from the beginning, no one could have imagined that uncertainty would be present until shortly before the celebration. And it is that no one would have thought that we could attend, in the middle of the 21st century, a health crisis of the caliber of the one experienced in the world.


This is how we arrived until January 2022, with uncertainty, but also with a great desire to go out, to share, to enjoy, to be able to see friends and colleagues that in 2021 we were denied because we were practically locked up.

The uncertainty was overcome by desire and illusion. The Turismoto Club began preparations many months before, with the hope that we would be the first event of 2022 to be held with some degree of normality and, although things seemed to be getting difficult due to the "never-ending wave" of the pandemic that we were facing, finally our wishes came true, Pingüinos was going to gather all its members again, welcome new ones and celebrate 40 years with a well-deserved party.

The doubts about whether the health authorities would allow an event of these characteristics to be held had been resolved, but our minds could not stop thinking about whether, given the circumstances that surrounded us and the fear that still remained in the population, the penguins were going to respond to the call.

And again, as has always happened, we were amazed when, throughout the first day of concentration, on Thursday, the volume of penguins that came to the nest was the most important that we had ever had. That made us think that we were going to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first concentration accordingly, in a big way and with the greatest joy.


The good weather that accompanied us made us dream, even more, of almost normal penguins, with a lot of people, fun, friendship and some nostalgia. And so it was, during the four days, the sun welcomed everyone who came to Valladolid, it seemed that everything was coming together so that this much-desired edition would be one of hope, one of returning to normality, one of raise people's spirits, so necessary.

And, emphasizing that everything was marked by prudence and the presence of masks, the course of a new edition of Pingüinos was a great success.

Success for the number of attendees, for the magnificent behavior of all, for the return of the parades, the excursions, the broth and carajillo, the exhibitions, the concerts and, especially, the conversations around the bonfire, the reunions, sharing the sorrows and tribulations, which have been many throughout these two years and sharing, above all, illusions and hopes in exiting this tunnel in which we have all suffered.

The first day of concentration, Thursday, a new activity had been scheduled and the penguins that were arriving joined it, a route to Esguevillas de Esgueva to visit the Motorcycle Museum. This is how we began to fill the roads of the province with much-needed color and joy. In the town we really enjoyed the visit and a pincho that the neighbors had prepared for us.


On Friday, the already traditional excursion to Mojados returned, where they always welcome us with open arms, in a line of bikers that seemed endless, extremely numerous. The town was flooded with motorcycles and penguins and the neighbors were delighted to have them again and entertain them with their food. The Free-style and stunt show with Maikel Melero was enjoyed, each year more spectacular and amazing. We watched with open mouths the jumps and figures of the motorcycles and riders and we also tasted the snack that they had prepared for us in the town.

We returned to the field to prepare to celebrate the New Year's Eve party and the new penguin year, an event that has become essential. This year also, with the illusion of starting over, of resuming our life normally. There were many of us penguins who toasted with sparkling wine and ate the pine nuts and enjoyed the music of the groups that accompanied us that night, Ralea, Remember Queen and Rebeldes.

On Saturday, after breakfast, the penguins were taking positions to participate in the classic and long-awaited parade of flags that ended on the Recoletos sidewalk with another show by Maikel Melero and an aperitif. The parade became infinite, hundreds and hundreds of motorbikes with their colorful flags flooded Valladolid, creating a show that was attended by a large number of people from Valladolid, thanking the bikers for visiting, thanking the good weather and thanking that, finally, we saw a a certain normalcy after the past.

The same thing happened at night in the torchlight parade, but the emotion was noticeable in the atmosphere, the tears in the eyes of many of those who attended made us see that it was a special event, a tribute not only to motorcyclists. deceased in the last two years but to so many people who lost their lives due to COVID, to those who suffered from the disease, also to those affected by the La Palma volcano. In short, a tribute to those who had suffered so much in the last two years. Emotion that continued later in the field of the pine forest with the burning of the falla.

The number of attendees was already the largest of all the editions, fortunately all of them politely endured the queues that inevitably formed and the reward was to enjoy the incredible atmosphere, the friends, the concerts that night were in charge of Corizonas, Sound Futura and the mythical Obus, which also celebrated its 40 years in music.

After a great night of fun and memories, we reached Sunday with the awards ceremony, the raffles for gifts, including two motorcycles and the recognition of the Golden Penguins, which this year went to the Cuna de Campeones motorcycling school of the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, a reference for young pilots from all over the world and the Stunt pilot Narcís Roca, who has toured the world with his Stunt shows, participating on several occasions in the World and European Free-style championships and achieving important victories.


After a few intense days of celebration, we put an end to the concentration by saying goodbye to the penguins that still remained in Valladolid with the desire to meet again soon.

It has been a concentration full of success, we have received many messages of congratulations and thanks and we can only say that those of us who are enormously grateful are we, the organizing Club, for your visit, the great reception that Penguins always has, for the unbeatable behavior of this group that every year gives us a new lesson in camaraderie, camaraderie and fraternity.

We wait for you again in the next one, good routes.

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