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Extensive summary of the 36th Edition of PENGUINS

In Valladolid, a new edition of the Penguins International Motorcycling Concentration, number 36, has been lived for another year. This year also with flattering weather forecasts: very cold, frost, but dry and sunny weather, which predicted that the concentration it could be a success.


The organizers, the Turismoto Club, with the help of the institutions, especially the Valladolid City Council, had made every effort to ensure that this edition was historic. The huge tent set up to host thousands of motorcyclists invited us to suppose that everything had been planned, even bad weather.


The slogan of this edition was " PASSION FOR THE MOTORCYCLE ". Passion that has been amply demonstrated with the record that has been achieved. These are impressive figures: 30,470 + 1 passionate about the motorcycle. Historical record since the beginning of its journey, back in 1982. Even more meritorious record because we have to take into account that there were two years of hiatus, without concentration. Recovering such an event requires courage and effort and this result is the prize.

The first bikers camped were beginning to be seen on Wednesday afternoon or even earlier, but on Thursday the facilities of tents, bonfires and groups were filling up. That was taking shape. On Friday the arrival of campers accelerated and motorcycles were flooding with campers and motorcycles were flooding the streets and hotels of Valladolid.


On Friday afternoon on the traditional excursion to Mojados it was already seen that the number of penguins was going to be very high, predicting one of the best and highest concentrations. The town was a party with all the bikers around there sharing the lunch boxes they offered and the stunt shows that never disappoint.

Friday night he toasted the sparkling wine of our land after eating the 12 pine nuts to the sound of the chimes. On stage the club members were accompanied by the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto; the Government Delegate for Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones; the Mayor of Valladolid and the guest who would later entertain the party: Javier Gurruchaga. All of them toasted the new biker year just like all the Penguins that filled the plaza did. There was no gap and everyone was delivered, even more so when the orchestra and Mr. Gurruchaga began to sound, putting the heat to the cold Valladolid night.

Saturday morning the parade of flags played. Parade that seemed to have no end, massive, more than an hour long, leaving motorcycles from the Old Horse Riding to the Sidewalk of Recoletos.


At the head of the parade were the Minister Reyes Maroto and the Government Delegate, Virginia Barcones, who did not want to miss such a colorful and beautiful act. The streets of Valladolid full of people who came out to greet them, full of people who came out to greet them, to clash their hands, to participate in the rally.


After participating in leading the parade of flags, the Minister and Government Delegate did the same in the exciting torchlight parade, carrying one of the lighted torches themselves and making a beautiful journey, leaving the illuminated dome of the Millennium they reached the Sidewalk of Recoletos passing by a spectacular and majestic Cavalry Academy and with the fountain of Plaza Zorrilla adorning more, if possible, an emotional act that was filled with silence, respect and contained emotion when the bikers arrived with the torches lit and sounded later the bugle horn. You could see many people with tears in their eyes, both motorcyclists and people from the city who come to see the act and show their respect.


Then, already in the Penguins compound, the burning of the fault was prepared. They were again the representatives of the highest institutions, the Minister and the Delegate of the Government, accompanied by the local authorities, who were in charge of lighting the flame that ended it with a stupendous failure of the artist from Valladolid Juan Villa.