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Pingüinos is par excellence the Winter Concentration number one in Spain and possibly in Europe, being the Guinness Prize for "bikes in line" and which was made thanks to the dream and effort of the Turismoto Club of Vallladolid back in 1981.

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The concentration brings with it varied and numerous acts and activities always related to the world of motorcycles such as the Great New Year's Eve Party and the Penguin New Year, the "Parade of Flags" from the camping area to the center of Valladolid, which consists of thousands of motorcycles, takes place mid-morning on Saturday, the torch parade on Saturday night, in tribute to all motorcyclists killed in an accident. Various activities in Valladolid, such as "Freestyle and Stunt" shows, as well as concerts on stage in the camping area.

I mean

Special mention deserve:

  • The delivery of the "Golden Penguin and Honor" awards, which are received by riders and professionals from the world of motorcycles.

  • The “Humanitarian Campaign” to help those most in need or victims of tragedies, in which the attending motorcyclists bring food, medicine, clothing, etc. in their luggage, according to the campaign launched each year.

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