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"This article is aimed mainly at those who have never attended this motorcycle rally, are considering going for the first time and are a little lost. I try to give under my personal appreciations,  information and advice, to serve as guidance and to be able to survive this great winter adventure ".

My first Penguins have been those of 2020, and the last, since because of the damn Covid they have not been able to celebrate in 2021.  He had been thinking of going for many years but he never finished finishing the idea. I have never received much attention from motorcycle lunches and I thought that this was the same but in the wild, that although a priori it may be similar, it seemed to me an experience that every motorcycle adventurer should live and judge for himself.

When I finally decided to go for the first time, I was looking for information on the net to document what I was going to find there, what equipment to ride on the motorcycle, what this adventure consisted of and how to face it in the best way. Above all, I found a lot of information and personal evaluations in forums, but very scattered and I have decided to concentrate everything that I think is necessary and my personal impressions in this Post.

PINGÜINOS is a concentration of motorcycle fans, which has been held annually since 1982 in Valladolid. Motorcycles come from anywhere in the world. The duration is 4 days and is organized the weekend following the Three Kings festival (January 6),  from Thursday to Sunday.

Along with the Elefantentreffen (The Elephants) in Germany, it is the most important winter biker gathering in the world. In its last edition, January 2020, the attendance was almost 35,000 participants.

Over the years it has had different locations and since 2017 it has been held at the “Antigua Hípica Militar” next to Valladolid under the shelter of a pine forest.


I take my hat off to the organization, it is a real pass how they work it out, the planning / organization of the meeting is unbeatable.

PLAN YOUR TRIP The rally begins on a Thursday and ends at noon on Sunday, although the bulk of the public begins to arrive on Friday afternoon.

In 2020 we arrived on Friday around 2 in the afternoon, we traveled from Murcia and spent Thursday night in Madrid, but for the next one that I will not miss I will advance my arrival to Thursday, so that I do not fall short .

It takes place in the coldest times of the year, in the Castilian plateau, the normal thing in those dates and latitudes is that it is a cold of "balls", so it is of extreme necessity to prepare for what you can find there, and for the round trip depending on how long your trip is. It is essential to prepare for the cold, rain, snow, ice …….

Plan your route-schedules well, so that you arrive if possible during the day. With enough time to locate yourself, to be able to choose the area that you like the most to set up your tent and not go in a hurry, "hurries are not good travel companions." If it is not possible for you to arrive during the day, you will have to locate yourself and set up your tent at night, something more complicated, but not impossible, many people do it, but it is not the first time that you are going to set up the tent that you take …….


LOCATION / Highway CL-610 Km 4.5  (Valladolid)

URL Maps Location Pinguinos in Valladolid

START THE MOTORCYCLE This seems to be too much, but it is very necessary, for example, keep in mind that with the cold the batteries are throwing ostias,  and in the morning you will not be able to start the motorcycle if you have a little waterfall. I remember seeing a sign in a group at the end of the camping area, which had clamps and were willing to start motorcycles in exchange for a small fee. I had no problems, but several colleagues had to bring the bike to the bonfire for a while in the morning to be able to start. Anyway at the entrance there is a small workshop to be able to solve some unforeseen not very complicated.

Wheel pressures, oil level, brakes, regulating lights, because you are going to be very loaded. Anyway, as usual. Personally, I take the motorcycle to my workshop before a trip of this type to avoid surprises.


If possible, take a cover for the motorcycle. I did not take the one that I usually use at home because it takes up almost a suitcase, but I took one of these painter's plastic that they sell in any hardware store for 1 euro, which, even if it is thin, protects against an ice finger falling on it. the motorcycle.


In addition to the fact that there are so many bonfires, that with the ashes flying and the ice that falls at dawn, you can make an important cake to your toy.

Warming up to start, Saturday 10 am, Cencellada.

ALONE OR IN COMPANY In my case, my wife and I traveled, we had been discussing it months before with friends from our motorcycle group, but no one took the step. The truth is that we had planned to go alone as well. Many people travel in groups, others as a couple, and there are also those who arrive completely alone. But no one is alone there, the biker camaraderie does its job in a matter of minutes. So do not be lazy to undertake the adventure alone.

The two of us arrived alone at around 2:00 p.m. on Friday, we looked for a somewhat clear place to set up the store, which still had many at that time and we were quickly approached by a certain Higinio who I think I remember was from a town in Segovia. Higinio arrived alone with his Custom and a rear trunk larger than the motorcycle, where he housed some grills to grill on the fire. We hit it off right away and a little later another group of people began to arrive, friends of Higinio from the previous edition who were looking for him, plus other people who came and joined the group around the bonfire that Higinio started.


At least cover the most important with a plastic.

From there, we were no longer alone at any time and we shared talks, laughter, and the bottle of Jack Daniels that he took out of his Top Case, Abel de la Puebla de Don Fadrique (Bmw 1000 XR).



From what I observed, the age of the attendees is very varied, but I think maturity dominates, among which I find myself. The atmosphere is unbeatable, at no time during the days of concentration did I observe any bad vibes, fights or the like.


WITH WHAT MOTORCYCLE TO GO Well, each one with which you have, there is everything,  groups of mopeds and scooters, which cross the peninsula to attend the event, sports motorcycles, custom, naked, classic, trail, gran turismo, motorcycles with sidecar ……. You will enjoy seeing donkeys, what you do not see there does not exist.

The ideal is a motorcycle that allows you to carry enough luggage for this adventure, but each one manages how he can, we went with a BMW RT 1200, and among the side cases, each one with a sleeping bag on top, and the top case with the tent on it, we got everything we needed more than enough.


Loaded up to the bars.

If you do not have suitcases and you are traveling as a couple, with a tank bag and a backpack, it will not be enough if you camp. One option is to send your equipment with a Nacex-type courier company



Without a doubt " Tent ", if you go to a Hotel you will live a very different Adventure.


The experience of this concentration is in the camping area, the fun, the conviviality, the activities ...


This is my personal opinion, but if you can't stand the cold well, you need a daily shower, a good bed and silence to sleep, a Hotel can be your solution.


The concentration is 24 hours a day of movement, if you stay outside the camping area you will miss many things. This does not stop at any time, at 8 - 9 in the morning the music may be finishing in the tent and they are already distributing breakfasts. You do not stop hearing motorcycles circulate practically all day.


It is also true that the noise changes depending on the area of the pine forest that you choose to set up your tent, if you are near the entrance, more motorcycle traffic and if you are next to the tent and the bar area, much more noise. But this concentration is what you have and what hooks you.

And there is nothing like sharing a good chat and a drink around a bonfire until the wee hours, if you do not feel like a concert or dancing in the Pingüinos tent. Meeting people, many people, what memories …….


On the other hand, if you attend one of the many concerts, whether you drink or not, you have to drive to the hotel afterwards, usually by motorcycle, and for example at 2 in the morning a frost is usually falling on the ciborium, how to ride the donkey. Being coming and going from the Hotel will leave you half-baked.

Another advantage of camping in the pine forest if you go a fair bit of pasta is how cheap it is, with the registration you already have the right to camping.

There is another option that some use which is to go by motorhome, the organization sets up an area for caravanning. Personally, I am not attracted to it, on the one hand, this area for caravans is somewhat secluded, you cannot make bonfires, it is not in the heart of the party, and I consider that adventure is on two wheels. There are groups that come with a support car, which you can put in the camping area to unload, but then you have to take it out.


There are shops of all kinds, from Bivouac to family tents with rooms. We set up a tent for 2 people with a small porch.  I have always thought that for 2, a tent for 4, to be able to comfortably leave your things organized inside the tent and a small porch to leave boots and others and that the interior does not get dirty. It should also be borne in mind that the larger the store, the worse the transport will be on your motorcycle. The store the higher the quality, the better, how they say, "the more sugar, the sweeter." It is usually very cold, but come on, the most important thing is the quality of the sleeping bag. To set up the tent, a raffia floor is usually put in place to prevent the tent from getting dirty, but to lighten weight and space, I put a thin painter's plastic that takes up nothing and once the tent is dismantled it is thrown away.


Do not forget to collect all the waste that you generate, take a garbage bag.


How there are bonfires everywhere, there are ashes flying at all hours. Remember to keep the store closed at all times, to avoid getting inside. The tent on the outside, between the humidity, the ice, and the flying ashes will surely get dirty.


When I got home I had to mount it and clean it thoroughly, as I left it rolled up for a couple of days after the trip, it already had mold all over it. With regard to theft, there is a very good vibe at all times, but understand that all those who attend are not "little sisters of charity", a bit of better prudence, if you are not going to be in the area of your store, pick up the things inside of her.


Anyway, in the edition that I was I did not hear anything about it.

The plastic is very thin, it ends up breaking but prevents dirt from the floor.


This was the tent that we set up for 2, with a small porch at the entrance.

WHERE TO SET UP YOUR STORE If you decide to stay in the pine forest and not go to a hotel, there is a great space for camping. Although given the growing influx that it has every year, if you go to the last you will have to settle for the spaces that are free. Yes, not the  Mountains very close to a bonfire, "in case the sparks."

We camped near the entrance, next to the big concert tent and bars. You have much more noise, but everything is closer. Noise you will not stop hearing all weekend and at all hours, but if you camp at the end of the venue you will save the entry and exit area for motorcycles and especially the concert tent that is there until dawn and beyond with music. We sleep perfectly with noise, you get used to it, and how you end the day busted, as long as you are not cold you will rest.

SERVICES IN THE CAMPING AREA The organization is truly exceptional, they have been organizing the event for many years and from my point of view nothing, or almost nothing, escapes them.

  • Toilets, there are portable toilets throughout the premises. All of them provided with toilet paper and cleaned periodically. Although in the face of such a concentration of personnel at some point you may not find them in conditions, but the organization makes an enormous effort to ensure that it is correct at all times. Especially at night, you can find anyone relieving themselves anywhere near their store, it is so cold that one is not there to go out in a dressing gown and slippers to look for a toilet. To avoid as much as possible having to leave the store to relieve myself in the middle of the cold night, I tried to drink a little liquid before going to bed (something difficult) and I put a plastic glass of the kind they serve in beer bars liter, and so I didn't have to leave the store to get the icy jet. When I used it, I would take it out on the porch of the store and in the morning I would throw it away. Apart from the portable toilets, in the central area there is a small building with toilets, showers with hot water, sinks, and mirrors with plugs to be able to clean yourself properly. Although with the cold that it usually does, only the bravest shower, I did not, the cold freezes the smells, you are all day smelling of firewood, with some baby wipes (essential) you can make yourself a Czech in your store Bell.

  • Mechanical workshop, as I have already mentioned, there is a small workshop at the entrance to solve not very complicated unforeseen events.

  • Reception, at the entrance is the reception, where you can register if you have not done so before arriving, and collect your accreditations. A door enabled for the entry of motorcycles and another for the exit, and thus organize the traffic of vehicles well.

  • Support vehicles and motorhomes, there is an area for parking, somewhat away from the heart, but in the same enclosure. In the concentration in question, and how it should be, there are only motorcycles, tents and bonfires.

  • Red Cross, a health post for any unforeseen event that may arise, with an ambulance. Very necessary considering the high concentration of people. I remember on Sunday morning, a boy of about 25 years of age, approached our fire, he looked somewhat disoriented, he must have been carrying a fart from the ostia and he did not look like alcohol. He was dressed just right for the frost that was falling, but he didn't seem cold. He did not speak, and suddenly he rushed towards the bonfire that could have been about eight feet in diameter and embers since Friday. When we wanted to realize it, he was in the center of it. We got him out quickly, but that didn't stop him from sucking on all sides. We quickly called the Red Cross and they took him to the Valladolid hospital in the ambulance. When we took him out of the fire, he didn't complain. What a fart it had to carry, Things that happen ...

  • There is an area of restaurants and bars to be able to have anything, quite in condition and at an affordable price. Some of the restaurants have their own stage where there is live music.

  • Stores to buy some merchandising, motorcycle clothing, etc. I also saw a small stand where you could leave your mobile phone and they would charge you for 1 euro, in addition to selling soft drinks, and ice packs (for which you didn't need a fridge, I bought a bag that lasted the three days next to the shop)

  • The Civil Traffic Guard set up a post where it advises not to mix the motorcycle with alcohol, you can do a voluntary breathalyzer test there. Remember that you are not at home and you do not have a sofa for hangovers the next day, some moderation.

REGISTRATION Registration for the concentration is very cheap, they give you much more than what you pay. We did it in advance and it cost us 20 euros per person, then when you arrive you collect your accreditations. You can do it on arrival, and I think I remember that it is 30 euros.

Registration includes the right to use all the services available in the camping area, camping, and if you squeeze me almost full board. There is a position in the organization where they are practically all day distributing unlimited "Café Pinguinero" which is the typical pot coffee and "Caldo Pinguinero" which is an Aneto broth (sponsor of the event) to which you can add a A splash of old wine, very good and very warm to combat the scratch it causes. One of the days, more than cubatas, I went blind to Caldito.


On Saturday and Sunday between 7 and 10 in the morning they serve a breakfast also included, which I think consists of some slices of Bacon with fried eggs and something else. I did not take it, I went to a stand of churros and chocolate that had set up in the enclosure.

On Saturday night they serve a "Penguin Dinner", this time it was a kind of potato stew with lamb, which is given to you in an earthenware container with the inscription of Penguins to take with you as a souvenir.

On Friday afternoon there is a route to a nearby town, (Mojados) where they serve an aperitif. For Friday night, which celebrates the New Year's Eve party and the Penguin New Year, they give you a clay glass also as a souvenir, which will be filled with white wine from the land (I think I remember it was a wheel) and 12 pine nuts. for the chimes. On Saturday if you go to Valladolid to the parade of flags they give you a voucher to exchange for a sandwich and a drink.

In addition to all this, I do not know if I forget something else, with the inscription they give you a backpack bag, a neck warmer, stickers, and different pins with the event inscription, so you receive more than what you pay, the assembly is second to none. So surely, your biggest expense may be gasoline if you come from far away.


FIREPLACES / WOOD  For the bonfires, the organization distributes firewood around the premises, free of charge on a regular basis with trucks. He leaves it at various points in the camping area and you have to go for it to feed your fire. It didn't give me the feeling that there was no firewood at any time, but you have to be aware, no one is going to take it to your bonfire, and when the truck tilts it takes little time to finish.

There are those who try to accumulate more than they can spend. The normal thing is to share the bonfires and not to make one for yourself if you travel alone or as a couple, logically it is not enough for that. Any bonfire that you approach you will be welcome, it is also about meeting new people. You have to be very careful when organizing your fire so that it does not spread and cause a fire, we are in a pine forest. On the other hand, the firewood they leave is large, wearing work gloves to transport it is not a bad thing, I noticed that those who had more than one edition attending that were provided with them. It is not about burning wood like crazy, but about keeping warm and not missing wood.


Firewood unloading area / Look at the size of the tarugakos

PROGRAMMING OF THE CONCENTRATION There are activities practically at all hours, you will not get bored at any time. In relation to Pingüinos 2020 I detail the scheduled activities.


Friday at 4.30 p.m.  there was a route to the town of Mojados, close to the concentration. Where a Stunt Bike exhibition was held and an aperitif was served courtesy of the City Council.

Saturday at 12 noon, the famous "Parade of Flags", an urban route from the camping area to the center of Valladolid. Where parking is enabled for the motorcycles that attend and you can enjoy another exhibition of Stunt Bike. We take advantage and we are to eat there. Highly recommended the suckling pig in the area. In this parade, each one carries the flag of their country, autonomous community, or whatever they like. The truth is that it is very fun, people crowd on the sidewalks as you enter the city to enjoy the passage of the thousands of motorcycles that cross it.

Saturday at 8:00 pm, the emotional "Torch Parade", in tribute to the bikers who died throughout the year. For this parade there is a limited number of attendees, you have to sign up with the organization. When we arrived, there were no more places left. For security reasons, the organization limits the capacity, giving priority to those who have a real motivation to participate. Parade through the center of Valladolid, where the passenger carries a lit torch and at the end of the route a small act of tribute to the fallen bikers is performed. The parade is nocturnal and makes a good scratch to get on the motorcycle, so we were not too worried about staying out of it.


Parade of flags, leaving Pingüinos towards Valladolid, endless queue.

CONCERTS There are concerts and DJ sessions every day. In 2020 there were several groups such as "MAGO DE OZ" and "TOREROS MUERTOS" among others. They perform in what they call "Plaza Pingüinos" a large tent with capacity for thousands of people, it seems like a hangar, it is covered but the only heat there is is the human when there are many people.

When the concerts are over there are DJ sessions, which last until the morning, people don't have enough.

PINGUINERO'S NEW YEAR'S EVE AND NEW YEAR PARTY On Friday at 12 pm people gather in Plaza Pinguinos, and with the glass and pine nuts that you have previously collected in the place indicated by the organization, the new year is welcomed penguin, toasting with sparkling wine from the land. Then the party continues until dawn. We were quite careful and withdrew on time, as "wolf by night, dog by day." We wanted to be fresh for the next day to visit Valladolid. There are many people in the concert tent, but many others gather around the bonfires taking antifreeze. We participate a little in everything.

OPERATION KILO The organization of the event promotes a food collection during the weekend, for charity purposes.

BURNING PENGUINS FAULT On Saturday at 12 o'clock at night the fault installed in the camping area is burned.


Penguins fault in the background

TROPHY DELIVERY AND CLOSING OF THE EVENT On Sunday morning the organization awards the "Golden Penguins" awards that are awarded to institutions or people who support motorcycling and outstanding pilots in recent championships. Trophies are also given to different categories, the farthest biker, etc., and a raffle of gifts among the participants. This act takes place around 12.30 pm and the event is closed. We left around that time to return home, as we had 600 km ahead and accumulated fatigue.

DRESS PROPERLY Dress Code Penguin. It goes without saying that you have to bundle up a lot and well. For the trip by motorcycle from our origin to penguins, especially if we are far away, we can find ourselves at this time of everything on the road, lightning, thunder and lightning. It is no use having a jacket and pants of the best qualities, with the best membranes, if what we wear underneath is not technically breathable, which hinders the evacuation of sweat and makes us feel cold.

You have to dress in layers. What is this? Well, a first layer close to the body, a quality thermal shirt that is breathable and wicks away sweat. This layer should be as tight as possible, even if it marks the love handles, but it is the best way to keep warm. A second layer thicker like fleece, also with the right size, rather tight. And finally a good motorcycle jacket with its inner lining, if it is Gore Tex, all the better. Although there are other membranes that do not work badly. For trips with these temperatures, I also use thermal underwear, balaclava, and under-gloves and sometimes under socks.

It is very important that all garments perspire. An emergency solution for your hands if you are freezing because of the poor quality of your gloves, is to stop at a gas station, warm your hands, put on plastic gloves from the gas station, and your motorcycle gloves on top. You will avoid freezing your hands, even if you generate sweat, for a while it may be worth it.

Something fundamental when dressing is not to leave gaps where air can enter us, for example, gloves over the jacket, otherwise "we make bread like ostias."  If your motorcycle has heated grips, grips and seats, a good screen and fairing, you have a lot to win. With my Rt I cannot complain, but in summer it is the opposite, you cannot take it, because you get hot because of a lot of perforated clothes you wear, no air enters anywhere.

Good boots do their thing too. And don't forget a full wetsuit, especially if you're not wearing Gore. Very important to adjust your sanity clothing so that it does not flap, sleeves, waist, cuffs.  Adjust the helmet to the necessary ventilation. Many times we carry adjustments in technical clothing and due to the rush we do not use correctly.


Regarding the stay in penguins, when we are not going to be on the motorcycle, if you have space in the luggage, it is interesting to take other clothes so as not to be with sanity and boots all weekend, it can be killer. I did not remove thermal underwear at any time, I did not even have the courage to change it for another that I had as a spare. What is a dirty? Well it may be, but overall, you will be smelling of firewood all weekend, and with the temperatures that there are you will not smell like anything else either. I took a pair of mountain pants to put on over the thermal layer, field boots, a jacket thinner than the motorcycle one, these thermal hiking and windbreakers, gloves, hat, panties, etc., to be much more comfortable for the day. No formal wear, no heels, no makeup,  It is a biker atmosphere, nobody dresses up for the occasion. And if you wear jeans you can freeze.

To sleep at no time do we remove the first thermal cover from the feet to the head. We sleep with thin gloves, we don't feel cold at all once you get settled in. We carry a couple of bags that we turn into a double bag with a comfort temperature of 10 degrees (weak for these cold), on top of the bags we put a thin feather duvet, and all this on top of an inflatable mattress of these cheap Decathlon de 120 cm. The truth is that we sleep comfortable and warm. It was also an edition that I think was not very cold, but come on,  Inside the store, a thermometer that I took with me showed negative 1 degree around 2 in the morning when we used to go to bed. At dawn it could be 6 or 7 degrees below zero.


Make yourself a checklist so you don't forget anything before you start putting things away in your suitcases.

EQUIPMENT / WHAT TO LOAD ON THE MOTORCYCLE / CHECK LIST In this section I am going to detail all the material that I consider necessary for the concentration. Plan ahead and check everything, do not forget anything, you will avoid having a bad time by forgetting something important. Do capacity tests before the last minute, to check that you will be able to carry everything.


  • Tent

  • Thin painter's plastic that takes up little space to mount the tent on top, they are sold in various sizes.

  • Inflatable mattress, personally I prefer it. There are also the long-life, heavy-duty insulators and self-inflating insulators.

  • Inflator for the mat. I brought a decathlon one that is rechargeable and can also be connected to the cigarette lighter socket of the motorcycle. With the load it carries, it gives you enough to inflate and deflate it. The only plugs I saw were the ones in the bathrooms. A lifelong inflator, one of those standing, takes up a lot of space. On the other hand, people usually have fans in the camping area, to borrow it, but I don't like to depend on anyone.

  • Sleeping bag, whichever you prefer, personally I don't like the mummy ones. They are more suitable for these temperatures, but I am a prisoner, I cannot move, traveling as a couple always one two bags or I use one double. What happens is that those who endure the most extreme temperatures are usually mummy. We carried sacks with a comfort temperature of 10 degrees and on top we put a down comforter from home, we were very well, it is true that it was not extremely cold. Regarding whether feather or synthetic, if your feather gets wet, forget about being able to sleep all weekend. Anything that you do not carry inside the suitcases, if it is tied outside, in a waterproof bag in case of rain.

  • Aluminized blanket, one of these emergency blankets, are worth 5 euros anywhere in the mountains. It can be put between the mattress and the sleeping bag to isolate. Keep in mind that if when you inflate the mattress the air temperature is negative, your mattress will be very cool.

  • Candle, I took one of these candles that goes in a medium crystal glass. Although it may seem silly, you turn it on inside the store if you have space, I had it, and in addition to giving light, you can warm your hands before sleeping and it generates some heat. Being careful not to go out on fire, he turned it off to sleep. I have read this about the candle in the odd forum, and I liked the idea.

  • Chairs, if possible for space, I think it is essential to carry a chair, one of these folding ones that take up little space. To spend time at the bonfire they are essential, many people carried them on their motorcycle.

  • Motorcycle cover. As I have commented previously, a thin plastic just like to set up the tent, and some clips to attach to the motorcycle, or some rope that can also be used to hang anything, you never know. If you fit your motorcycle cover, "great" but they usually occupy an egg.

  • Gloves for the firewood, if not, either you undo your hands, or you destroy your motorcycle gloves.


Sitting before the fire, cooking a grilled pork mask.

CLOTHING / Well, in addition to the clothes for the trip, comfortable and warm clothes to be in the camping area and something to spare in case you get wet, or to change if you are very neat, but come on, I think I took extra clothes, as almost always, it is what has to have space.

TOILET / Essential baby wipes of these type, it is what you are going to use the most, to wash your hands and not stay frozen. In addition to being able to make a dry Czech with them / And the usual thing you use, toothbrush, paste etc, always try to choose the mini version of everything, you will save weight and space (mini toothpaste) / Some roll of toilet paper, which Although the organization has everything planned and there usually is, you may find yourself at some point in the face of the large influx of people, that you have to clean yourself with a "song" / Small towel of these thin ones that take up little and dry a lot / small pot of gel, etc

MEDICATIONS / Do not forget your usual medications, and just in case stomach protector will come in handy, antacids and something for the headache. You may not need condoms, "anyone can take it out at these temperatures"  For any other emergency the organization has it very controlled, there is a Red Cross post, an ambulance available.

MOTORCYCLE / VARIOUS / Some flange, electrical tape, for emergency repair can come in handy. I have seen people who have been surprised by ice-snow on the road and have put large flanges on the wheels to improve grip. / Spare keys, on long trips I always carry another set of keys just in case, one of them is me and he another my wife, in case the flies./ Flag, if you are going to participate in the parade of flags and you want to carry one. / Antifreeze, Jack Daniels type, «don't be me if I don't» to share in the bonfire times. / Tobacco if you are a smoker, I do not remember if it is possible to buy in the camping area, anyway almost anything you may need you can buy leaving the premises 10 minutes away by motorcycle, food, drink, etc. / Garbage bag, to collect the waste you generate. / Razor, which is always useful for anything and more here than in restaurants they put plastic knives to split a steak. / Flashlight, to move around at night, there are areas with low light, or to be in your tent. I took one of these with elastics that are placed on the forehead, very useful. / Battery charger for mobile, as I have said, in 2020 there was a beach bar that charged your mobile for 1 euro, and you must leave the charger. I took a Power Bank, one of those that supports multiple phone charges, but it did not work properly, the issue of batteries with sub-zero temperatures do not get along at all. / Glasses, to drink I am something special, and with the plastic glasses my feet swell as we are in a pine forest with many people, I understand that it is not served in glass. I always take methacrylate glasses where it is more pleasant to drink something than pure plastic, and thus I contribute to not generating waste. / Straps-Straps to hold luggage. On these trips you can return with more cargo than you have brought.

Make the most of the space, fill in all the spaces for the load, if you wear some hiking boots to be in the pine forest, fill them with underwear, or whatever.


RETURN HOME Be very careful on the way home, the weekend is exhausting.

Important issue¡¡¡ the roads at this time are full of salt to avoid ice sheets, and more in the Valladolid area, before locking the motorcycle in your garage, go through a pressure wash and put cold water to death , (not hot) before the salt does its job.

And that is all friends  That, s all Folks ¡¡¡

Any comment will be welcome

See you in Penguins!

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